Turkish Retractors Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish retractors, Turkey retractors manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality retractors from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

AIM SURGICAL DEVICES        Pakistan     Ali Ahmed    
s clamps, dental instruments, dent instruments, forceps, retractors, scalars, scissors, surgical instruments, veterinary instruments
FAIRGOZZI SURGICAL CO. LTD.        Pakistan     Mobeen Mughal    
s beauty care instruments, dental instruments, electrosurgical instruments, elevators, forceps, hand tool, opthalmic instruments, orthodontic instruments, orthopaedic instruments, pliers, pushers, retractors, scalers, scissors, single use instruments, surgical instruments, tc instruments, tweezers, veterinary instruments
AAKK SURGICAL CORPORATION        Pakistan     Salman Khan    
s conventional laryngoscope blade, dental, dental instruments, dermatoscope, diagnostic set, disposable laryngoscope, fiber optic laryngoscope, fo laryngoscope blade, forcep, laryngoscope, led laryngoscope, micro instruments, mini otoscope, needle holder, neurological scissor, ophthalmoscope, otoscope, retractors, scissor, surgical, surgical instruments, conventional laryngoscope blade, dermatoscope
GRAYROCKS ENTERPRISES        Pakistan     Humayun Mughal    
s bone cutters, bone plates, bone rongers, bone screws, dental instruments, dental scalers, external fixators, eye brow tweezers, fancey hair cutting scissors, gynecological instruments, hip prostheses, laparoscopic instruments, manicure, manicure sets, nail cutters, nail scissors, orthopedic implants, orthopedic instrumetns, pedicure, pliers, retractors, root elevators, scissors, surgical forceps, surgical instruments, surgical instruments sets comp, tc needle holders, tweezers, viginal speculum, external fixators, bone plates, bone screws
THEMPSON SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS        Türkiye     Yakup Dikme    
s atrauma, atrauma forceps, biopsy forceps, clamp, containers, cranioclast, curettes, delicate scissors, elevators, forcep, forceps, hooklets, kerrison punches, laryngoscope handles, lucas curettes, micro neuro scissors, needles, neurosurgical scissors, pelvimeters, punches, raspatories, retractors, speculum, sterilization containers, sterilizing forceps, tonsil, trocars
INSIDE MEDICAL IMP. EXP.        Türkiye     Bilal YILMAZ    
s surgical instruments, clamps, forceps, needle holder, dental, retractors, scissors, scalpels, surgery, doctor, nurse, hospital, urology, gynecology, cardiovascular, ent, neuro surgery, opthalmic, ophtalmology, rounger, screw, pince, surgical motor system, elevator, osteotom, ophtalmology
Humed Mfg Co.        Pakistan     Zain Irfan    
s scissors, forceps, retractors, orthodontics, excavators, hemostatic forceps, needle holders, micro scissors, bone rongeurs, dental scalers, root elevators, cassettes, enamel instruments, scalpel handles, mallets, extracting forceps, bone files, dental probes, bone curettes, wax proclein, filling instruments, gingivectomy knives, cement spatulas, mouth mirrors, amalgam instruments, matrix retainers, towel clamps, mouth and tongue, cylinder cartidge syringe, impression trays